Retaining history and function in the Milton Public Library

Since 1923, the Milton Public Library has been a key component of Milton, PA. Currently located on six acres of manicured lawn, the library now boasts a new addition of learning and rental space. As stated on the Milton Public Library's website, "It's truly a library unlike any other in the state of Pennsylvania."

The building retains much of its original architecture and historic elements. 

Image courtesy of the Milton Public Library. 


541 Broadway Street
Milton, Pennsylvania

A new chapter begins in Milton

"Designed by Thomas Harley Architects LLC to retrofit and expand upon the historic structure at Rose Hill, the $4 million renovation and expansion project is expected be complete within a year."

— Kevin Mertz & Chris Brady, Standard Journal


Milton Public Library renovation schedule, fundraising on track

“I think it's going to be one of those crown jewels for the city of Milton. It's going to be a place where the whole community, I think, will look at it with pride. For families, this is going to be a real important destination.”

— Bill Wilson, Milton Public Library Board President, as reported by GazetteXtra

Milton Public Library expansion project starts next month

"The renovations will remodel the library's vacant second floor office space, add a large children's exploration center and community areas to the library and bring the building up to code compliance. The project should be done by the end of the year, according to the release."

— Jake Macgee, GazetteXtra