Completed in 1995, Twolick Woods is a residential estate located in Indiana, PA. Designed to stylistically flow with the surrounding nature, this home is a well loved intersection of functionality and space. It boasts an open floor plan with high ceilings and natural light. 

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Bringing the surrounding woods into the house was an important part of Harley's vision. The home enters into a tree-lined corridor, comprised of trees from the property still hugged by their bark, it reaches to the ceiling in a powerful and poetic gesture.

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 1995, after the completion of the building, he said, "To bring the feeling of the woods into the house," he said. "The corridor is like a path in the woods. The red-brown granite path mimics the woods' leafy floor. There is also the reverse feeling: By seeing how tall the tree inside are, you realize how tall the ones outside are. Because we live close to nature, we feel in tune with the seasonal cycles."

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The expansive house is Harley's home, which he built with his wife, Patrice. Big windows and treated pine decorate the exterior with a green metal roof that helps camouflage the building even more. Sandstone accents the exterior and red-brown granite lines the interior. 

Over twenty years, it has proven to be a happy home for Harley's family. Open layouts and sun drenched rooms has helped to encourage family time and kept the kids from getting into too much trouble, even if in another room.